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Исцеление старых ран

Дополнительные условия для получения данного задания:
  • Ваша репутация с Кабестан должна быть ниже чем Равнодушие


[You'd better think twice before setting foot in Ratchet, <имя>! Word's been getting around of your dirty deeds.

You're in luck though, a ship just arrived with many wounded from an encounter with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. This is your chance to prove you're not a complete scoundrel. Lend us a hand by bringing linen cloth for bandages and empty vials for potions.]
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[I'm happy you're seeing the error of your ways, <имя>. Keep the supplies coming; we're not going to forget about you so easily, <mister/miss>!]

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