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  • Уровень: 60
  • Требуемый уровень: 58
  • Сторона: Обе фракции
  • Начинает: Винчакса
  • Оканчивает: Винчакса
  • Повторяемый
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Монеты племен: Песчаная Буря, Дробители Черепов и Кровавый Скальп


[I seek the Paragons of Power known as the Coins of the Tribes. They are the currency used by the various denizens of Zul'Gurub, and each is imbued with subtle but powerful mojo.

There are nine distinct kinds to be found. Should you have any extra, I will trade you one of our Honor Tokens for a set of three. You may use the Tokens with Rin'wosho the Trader; he offers our heroes special items for them.]
Монета Песчаной Бури
Монета клана Дробителей Черепов
Монета Кровавого Скальпа


Вы получите:
Почетный знак Зандалара


[Excellent - this set of coins will make a fine addition to our growing collection... one that we will use in the tribe's defense against the rise of the Blood God. You've earned this Honor Token, <имя>, as well as the thanks of the tribe!]

Дополнительная информация