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1.Светящаяся кровь скорпида
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Светящаяся кровь скорпида

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[In all my time working the Faire, I've learned a lot of things about customers. Here's one of those nuggets of wisdom: customers love stuff that glows! It doesn't matter what it is - you could take a broken chair leg and make it glow, and every child will come from miles around to get one!

So, <имя>, I need glowing scorpid blood. You can find it from the scorpids of Sillithus, or the Blasted Lands, or the Burning Steppes.]
Светящаяся кровь скорпида (10)


Вы получите:
Подарочный купон ярмарки Новолуния


[Great job, <имя>! Thanks a lot! I'm going to make paint from this blood and turn all kinds of cheap junk into glowing treasure!

Here are your tickets, and thanks again!]

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