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Камни осквернителей Плети


[A Corruptor's Scourgestone is the insignia of the Scourge's overlords. A powerful being that holds a position of authority over the Scourge will always possess one. To slay such a malevolent creature would surely advance the cause of the Argent Dawn, and all good causes!

On behalf of the Argent Dawn, I will give you a valor token in exchange for just a single one these insignia. Use caution in acquiring one, <имя> - such powerful beings are not to be trifled with.]
Камень осквернителя Плети


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Знак доблести Серебряного Рассвета


[Congratulations, <имя> - I am pleased to award you with an Argent Dawn valor token!To acquire a valor token in such a manner indicates that you are a true hero in the cause of good. We value all effort brought to bear against the Scourge, but to take down one of their leaders is to truly deliver onto them a crushing defeat!For the Dawn, my g$sister:brother;!]

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