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  • Уровень: 55
  • Требуемый уровень: 52
  • Сторона: Обе фракции
  • Начинает: Туалет
  • Оканчивает: Туалет
  • Общий
Цепочка заданий
2.Под замком
Дополнительная информация

Под замком


[The door to the outhouse has begun to splinter at the edges of the frame as though it has been repeatedly and incessantly tried to be forced open. It is currently locked up tight from the outside of the outhouse.

As you rattle the door, you hear a guttural moaning come from inside! Whatever is inside there, it certainly does not sound friendly.]
Ключ от туалета Далсонов


[Using the key found on the skeleton of the former Mrs. Dalson, you unlock the door to the outhouse. A bloodthirsty ghoul leaps from the outhouse, having been trapped inside for who knows how long.

It is clear by the bloodcurdling scream of the ghoul at your presence that the former Farmer Dalson is now beyond saving.]

Дополнительная информация