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1.Кровь Вождя
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Кровь Вождя

Принесите кровь Зул'джина Бадду в его лагерь в Призрачных Землях. За пределами Зул'Амана.
Кровь Зул'джина
Прилагается предмет:
Кровь Зул'джина


Пока ты изучаешь пульсирующий фиал, твои мысли обращаются к маленькому, вздорному человечку за стенами Зул'Амана.

Подумать только, какое лицо будет у Бадда, когда он это увидит.


[<Budd tries to mask his displeasure at your presence.>

You again....

I don't know how else to say it - I'm simply too busy with my preparations to hold your hand any longer.

Trust me, <имя>, it's all for the best. Perhaps, by some miracle, you might eventually build a name for yourself.

If so, you'll be able to say that you got your start from the incomparable Budd Nedreck!]


[Th-the Blood of Zul'jin himself you say?

<Gathering himself, Budd continues>

Well, I appreciate the gesture, <класс>, but I could've taken him down with ease. There's no way he was as fearful as the legends say. These things have a way of being utterly overstated, as you'll learn in time. More likely, the pitiful old cretin was overcome with arthritis!

Anyway, I suppose it was the least you could do as payment for the kindness I've shown you here.

Now off with you - I must dispose of this vile vial!]

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